Haddon Salt


Haddon Salt operated his fish and chips store in Skegness, England, as his father had before him. Americans passing through were taken by the taste of Salt's "non-greasy" fish & chips.

Persuaded by the American enthusiasm for his fish, Salt and his wife Grace came to the United States and opened their first shop in Sausalito, California, under the name of "Salt's Fish & Chips" in 1965.

The shop was successful and others soon wanted to get into the business. Salt personally trained the new owners on how to prepare and serve fish and chips. As the businesses began to prosper, he considered franchising.

Although the shops were successful, the name "Salt's Fish & Chips" did not seem quite right. When Salt consulted an advertising firm, it was suggested that he use the first letter of his name and to add an "Esq." for an English touch. Thus, "H. Salt, Esq. Authentic English Fish and Chips" was born.


Here's why!

H. Salt Fish & Chips offers high quality, delicious fish and chips at a bargain price! Here are some other reasons:

  • Delicious and fresh seafood
  • Family friendly (kids love it!)
  • Quick and easy

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